Understanding Drones

Understanding Drones

Drone technology continues to advance and is increasingly popular for both private use and for business applications.  Drones are being employed in the construction industry and the number of companies utilizing this technology is growing exponentially.  The benefits drones bring to the jobsite are numerous, but do you know how they really work?

Drones are small, unmanned aircraft that are powered remotely.  The more advanced models can be controlled through a computer program while other models more popular with the hobby flyer use a hand controller.  The ability to hover, navigate, and fly without constant pilot input separates these machines from remote control aircraft.

Drones are crafted from lightweight materials and are built to capture aerial images and video.  Drones with more propellers are safer than drones with just one and can carry more weight.  With multiple propellers, the rotors can be smaller, making the aircraft safer and easier to manage.  In order to produce quality imaging material, drones are constructed to minimize background noise and vibration, no matter how many propellers they have.

Higher quality machines are able to be programmed with a flight route, making monitoring of a construction site simple and efficient.  Drones are capable of flying in almost all weather conditions and are inexpensive to operate.  Learning how to fly a drone takes time and practice but as drones continue to be put to good use, skilled pilots are finding themselves in high demand.

Sky View Aerial Imaging, LLC is the premier drone business in the area, providing aerial images and videos for our many customers, primarily construction companies.  We offer a range of services and with our top of the line equipment, never fail to deliver.  If you want to learn more about our work and what we can do for you, contact us today!

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