Tips for better Aerial Photos

Tips for Capturing Better Aerial Photos

Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)

Auto Exposure Bracketing Mode takes several photos if the same subject at different exposures, allowing you to capture multiple photos of the same shot with a various range of exposure values (EV), so you can choose your favorite version of your shot later.

AEB mode gives you the freedom to stop worrying about choosing the correct exposure before taking the shot.

This mode also allows you to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, which have a luminosity unachievable with most other photo capturing methods.

RAW Format

Shooting your photos in RAW format will store your photos as RAW files, also known as digital negatives. This format, unlike JPEG or TIFF files, stores your photos uncompressed and unprocessed. In other words, RAW files contain all the pixel information you captured through your camera lens.

Because RAW formatted files contain so much raw information, these shots are detailed and as high quality as possible. This allows you much more creativity when processing your photos. RAW files are perfect for changing and fine-tuning everything from highlights and color correction to bit depth.

Best Time of Day to Shoot

The angle of the sun and the presence of clouds, fog, or other weather can dramatically affect your aerial photos.

You usually want to avoid taking aerial shots at noon because the sun’s position will limit the shadows and highlight contrasts possible. Most people may think that cloudless days are the best for aerial photo shoots, but actually clouds and other weather can sometimes provide dramatic interest.

At Sky View Aerial Imaging, we consider the best mode to shoot, the best format, and the best time of day to capture aerial photos for your specific project. We use the most innovative drone technology and photography techniques in all our photo sessions.

Discover how we can provide quality, state-of-the-art aerial imaging your business by calling today!

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