Road Construction

Drones Improve Road Construction

Drones are being put to work across all sectors of the construction industry including road construction.  Paving companies, transportation departments, and surveyors are utilizing drones to improve their work.  Drones provide better images and specific data at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft doing the same work.

Mapping Out the Details

Before the physical work on a job has started, drones are employed to provide an overview on the project.  Aerial videos and photographs allow contractors to identify the challenges their crews will face before they encounter them.  Teams are away of potential hazards awaiting them and can take steps to prevent injury or damage to expensive equipment.  Better preparation makes for safer, more efficient work and quicker completion of each project.

Monitoring Progress

Drones continue their work throughout the project.  Once ground has broken, drones can be used to monitor crews, ensuring that work is done and materials are allocated properly.  Any necessary adjustments can be made much quicker when drone images are available and managers or contractors are able to keep an eye on numerous crews over large distances without being physically present, saving time and money.

Ensuring Performance

As technology continues the shift from 2-D to 3-D, drone imaging allows detailed 3-D designs and maps to be created.  Once a job is finished, an overlay of the completed projected can be shown with the original blueprints and design to show that the work was done according to plan.  Governments and organizations funding these road construction projects have superior data to support spending, and contractors are able to showcase their ability to complete projects as requested.

Drones provide a much safer, cheaper, and more efficient way to collect data and gather images and videos of road construction projects and surveys than any other method.  Drones continue to grow in popularity with the construction industry, and the benefits of their use seem endless.  For professional drone pilots, aerial imaging, and videography in based Indianapolis, Indiana SkyView Aerial Imaging LLC has the experience and equipment your construction projects need.  Contact SkyView today to find out what we can do for you!

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