Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

How Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, are changing the construction industry drastically.  More and more companies are employing drones to perform crucial roles in several key areas, saving time and money and making the process more efficient and safer to boot.  Here are the top four ways that drones are impacting the construction industry.

1.  Land Use

Before a construction job can break ground, land-use planning often needs to be done.  Drones are able to add valuable information alongside surveyors on the ground. With drone imaging, better decisions can be made thanks to more specific, detailed information saving time and adjustments later on.

2.  Investors

In order to get investors and market a project, companies need to have great images, maps, and models to sell their project.  Drones technology can be used to create 3-D maps and overlays that enhance regular images.  Full aerial videos and photos are often taken at a fraction of the cost charged by aerial photographs in manned aircraft.

3.  Effective Management

Managing multiple construction sites at once is a much easier task when contractors have a drone available.  Drones allow for remote monitoring of progress to ensure operations are running according to schedule and safety regulations are followed.  Project managers are aware of activity and can step in as needed without getting the run around from crew members.

4.  Inspections

With drones, inspections can be completed safely and quickly.  You can look from every angle and check every corner of the construction project at any time without stopping work.  Instead of waiting for an inspection to tell you something has to be fixed, you can spot potential problems and make corrections as needed.

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