Guest Article – Using a Drone to Rent Your Tiny House –

Using A Drone To Rent Your Tiny House

Movie making has changed considerably over the past few years as filmmakers have begun to employ the use of iPhones and tablet devices. GoPro cameras mounted to handlebars and helmets have changed the first-person perspective. Most importantly though, the drone camera has given the user access to angles and perspectives that have historically been unavailable with a digital camera or prosumer video camera. One of the most prevalent uses of the commercial drone though has been the real estate market. In fact, the following five tips are a great reason to put down the camera and start flying a drone to rent your tiny house and/or property!


When someone is looking to rent a property they want to see it all. They want transparency. Is the site at the top of a hill with only a 6′ wide swath of gravel for access? Is the roof of the tiny house old rusty tin that may blow away with a good, swift breeze? Show off your listing with a sample video of the exterior. It is just as important as the interior. You know what they say. Location is everything! PRO TIP: drones with gimbals keep the camera eye steady as the aircraft flies overhead.


A good portion of cinema is the emotion a scene evokes. Sometimes a rental has less to do with the property and more to do with the feeling the viewer gets. Using a drone allows you to up the drama by showing sweeping landscape shots and seamless fly-arounds of the exterior.


Because drones are able to legally fly up to 400 ft. they are able to offer a unique perspective of where the property sits in relation to the community around it. Saying your tiny house is steps away from a stream filled with fish is very different from a drone flying straight up and showing that the creek is just a treeline away from the front door!


If you advertise your property as being waterfront, show it. If you say the landscaping is impeccable, show it. Utilize sweeping fly around clips to show the viewer what they can expect their morning strolls to be like when they rent your property.


While video is not yet available on Try It Tiny listings, you can produce equally breathtaking photos of your listing with just still images. Don’t post photos that are stale and represent “the norm”. Become the standard and advertise photos that show the sheer awesomeness of your property. If you do want to utilize video you can create a YouTube trailer and put a link to the video in your listing. Be creative!

Tiny House Drone

The visuals provided by drone cameras have impacted the way we see properties and the way we want to see them. Whether to highlight a waterfront view, a well-manicured garden, a view of a mountain range, or just seclusion, drone imaging can capture the beauty, utility, and uniqueness of a listing better than traditional photography or video ever has.

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