Drones in Real Estate

Drone Imaging and Real Estate

The majority of those looking to buy a house start their search online.  They decide which houses to visit based on the photos or video they see on their computer, tablets, or phones.  Real estate agents have started employing drones to capture the best images and videos of their listings to get these houses sold faster for top dollar.  Here are a few ways drones are changing the real estate business.

Bye, Bye Google Earth!

Before drones, the only way to view most houses from above was by using Google Earth.  The program provided grainy images that let you get a general feel for lot size and layout but no detail.  Realtorswould pay pilots to photograph million dollar homes but the cost of these services made using them for the average home pointless.  With affordable drone imaging, realtors can have almost every property photographed from above, giving their listings more appeal to potential buyers.

Show Off the Assets

Many houses are deceptive; they look much smaller than they are and buyers think there’s nothing special about that house and move on.  Ground photography fails to capture the scope of the house and property in many cases and finding a buyer proves difficult, especially if you can’t get them to walk through the door!  Drones are able to take aerial images and video, showing the large property, stables, barns, and additions that make these homes unique and worth owning.  Realtors have quickly learned that for these homes, drones are making all the difference in getting them sold.

Beyond the House

Buyers want to live in a town and neighborhood that feels welcoming and safe.  Drones can provide video of both that potential buyers can view to get a feel for the area they may call home.  Of course the house they’ll live in is important, but for many, the area is as, if not more, important.

As with other industries, drone use in real estate will soon be commonplace.  Drones are affordable and provide superior images that buyers can’t resist.  In the greater Indianapolis area, SkyView Aerial Imaging LLC provides the professional drone imaging your sellers need!  Our experienced pilots are ready to capture photos and videos to enhance any listing.  Contact us today!

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