Drone Mapping

Utilizing Drone Mapping

Drones are most well known for taking aerial photographs and video.  Did you know software is also available to create 3-D maps?  In the construction industry, this software is especially helpful with monitoring progress and keeping all team members and stake holders up to date with the project.

When planning a project, drone mapping software can be of use to help create blueprints and plans.  Surveys of the land can be completed with the help of drones and these shareable maps make meetings between contractors, investors, and engineers easier to manage.  Communication is more effective when everyone involved can see exactly what is being referred to and can make notes and changes.

Use of Drone Maps

Mapping software can create high resolution 3-D, elevation, and orthomosaic maps.  The software even comes with user friendly measurement tools and real time annotation features that allow users with access to see adjustments made by their colleagues.  Drone services are priced exponentially lower than other map making services with similar results, saving both money and time.

As construction is underway, drone maps can be used to overlay plans.   Errors are quickly caught before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems and can be corrected early.  With team members able to share these maps and overlays, each member can identify what needs to be done on their end for smooth completion of the project.  A problem or miscalculation that might not show up until weeks into the project can now be spotted almost before it occurs.

Drones can provide construction companies a wealth of information that has not been available at an affordable cost before.  As drones make construction sites safer and more efficient, companies are able to save money and build their businesses.

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