Drones in Construction near Airports

Using Drones in Construction Near Airports

If you’re working on or planning a construction site near an airport and are considering hiring a drone service to provide aerial views of your work and progress, there are important considerations to take in mind.

Using a drone on a construction project carries some great benefits.  Progress can be monitored from the air, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks.  The efficiency of your workers can also be monitored, saving you time and money by keeping your teams on track.  Investors will get a better picture of each step of the construction process and planning is made simpler.

If your construction site is located within 5 miles of a controlled tower airport, special authorizations are needed to employ a drone.  To acquire the needed permissions, from application to approval can take longer than three months!  If you choose to ignore this regulation and hire a drone operation which lacks the proper authorization, you could find yourself facing penalties that start at $10,000.

Instead of risking the fines and legal action, you need SkyView Aerial Imaging, LLC.  SkyView is the areas’ premiere drone service.  We specialize in construction projects and have recently been approved with the proper authorizations to fly close to Indianapolis International, Fort Wayne International, and Lafayette/Purdue Airports.  SkyView holds these permissions and does not have to apply for each job, meaning we can start working with you tomorrow!

By contracting with SkyView Aerial Imaging, you eliminate the wait time in gaining authorization to operate a drone near an airport, the risk of thousands of dollars in fines, and you’ll get a drone service and operating team that knows how to get you exactly what you need.  Contact SkyView Aerial today to learn more or to schedule your job!

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